Apr 12

7 things you can’t afford to run out of at home


One of the things that you might have heard from elders who had it rough for whatever reason, was how to stock up on items that will last some time and purchase while they are at their cheapest sale price. They were mostly canned and boxed goods that would be on sale at the time, but they also included staples such as flour, rice, salt, pepper, aluminium foil, plastic wrap, etc. These are things that you would kick yourself for not having on hand at any given moment simply because you forgot to purchase them. Here are 7 things you can’t afford to run out of at home

1 – Water

Well, coming in first it has to be the winner. It has to be said that without any water, you’re not going to be lasting very long at all. That single one thing which most of us take for granted and we get to use every single day of our lives is that liquid which comes out of our taps and in bottles. It’s in all kinds of different foods also. We can last for an average of around 3 days. Not forgetting that we need water to cook with, cleanse ourselves and do things like having to wash clothing and cooking utensils.

2 – Cleaning Supplies

If cleaning supplies aren’t on the list of necessities, you must be living on the streets or in a cave. Still, saying that, even the average person probably doesn’t think about purchasing these household supplies until they run out. Can you imagine the smell of you and your clothing, and those people around you after say about 3 -4 days of not washing or cleaning? No wonder so many diseases and viruses were prevalent not that long ago. It was good old fashioned sanitation that helped to sort those out a while back, thank goodness. So yes, soap, shampoo and detergent.

(Plus – Let’s not forget to add dish washing liquid. You just don’t want to run out of it. If you do, it will mean a backlog of dishes, and nobody wants that. A sink full of dirty dishes can be a sad sight and also self-defeating, so make sure you always have extra on hand.)

3 – Food

Well, yes, of course, but what kind of foods first? A good source of protein: These will include things such as chicken, fish, ham, beef nuts and beans. Although some of these are mainly consumed in our main meals, there is nothing wrong with snacking on a chicken breast or a slice of ham if you happen to be hungry. You will also feel somewhat fuller than if you ate a pack of junk food crisps or such.

4 – Papers

There is never really a good time to run out of toilet paper. It’s all that practically separates us from the animals! Paper towels, conversely, may seem to be a less urgent purchase, but a minor kitchen spill can quickly turn into a disaster if you’re don’t have any kitchen paper lying around. One of the best defences against a dearth of paper goods is old fashioned multi pack-buying.  Buying your paper towels in bulk is even better and you will certainly save in the long run and be ready for anything.

5 – Non-Perishable Foods

If you happen to be running low on funds, it will certainly help to have a pantry stocked with sundry canned and boxed provisions. Non-perishable foods such as breakfast cereals, tea, coffee, ramen noodles, canned foods, and such are all things that can be bought in bulk at wholesale stores or even on the internet at certain online sites.

6 – Toothpaste

This is another you really would like to not run out of. If you’ve been camping or travelling and missed just one day of giving those teeth of yours a clean, you know what it feels like. Yuk! However, if you had to, you can use baking soda for a day or two. (There are some people who use baking soda in place of toothpaste on a daily basis).

7 – Coffee

For so many people, this would be the end of the world! So many good people around the planet love coffee as their first drink of the day and heaven forbid if they ran out! Some folk even drink a few more cups throughout their day.

Ready Aye Ready!

Best to be prepared and one way to make sure you don’t run out of these things is to always buy another as soon as you open your last. Just add to your shopping list or make a simple note on your mobile phone.