Apr 12

What’s cooking? How do people celebrate payday in Australia?

What's cooking? How do people celebrate payday in Australia?


But what day is that? Payday of course! After what feels like twice the amount of time, it’s there at last, and what better way to celebrate than to treat yourself a bit. So, let’s have a look what happens usually at that end of the month period time.

You will be waking up in a state of happiness

Hallelujah! The day which you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived, and you just cannot wait for the time of the day when you know that all that cold hard cash drops into your bank account. Mostly so it can help to replenish that void left by your overdraft!

You’re full of apprehension

You shake off the sleep by anticipating all of the fun stuff you can start doing shortly because you will have some money. Fun stuff such as booking that exotic food class you’ve had your eye on for some time, and hitting a couple of your favourite restaurants and pubs.

You acknowledge your talents

You will take a moment to reflect on just how proud you are of your work, because you actually have a skill set that people are willing to hire and pay you for. Little does your employer know that you kind of spend a large proportion of your wages after two weeks of receiving it!

Uh oh! Suspicion, suspicion!

Time has passed and it’s getting a little late in the day and your money still hasn’t arrived. Maybe you’ve been sacked? Maybe your employer has messed up your bank details? What if your employer has gone into bankruptcy? Heaven forbid! That weekend out with friends looks like it just might not happen!

Ker Ching! Pure joy!

At long, long last! You check your bank account and yes you’ve been paid! That huge (well, sort of!) number right there makes you forget about how you’d rather be lying in bed a lot longer every morning, and that dreadful commute you have to endure twice a day. You are pretty certain that this emotion is exactly what a mother feels like when she holds her first born child. Or a baby koala.

A sweet moment of relief

You quieten down a little bit and finally relax for the first time in about two weeks. You’re back into the positive figure territory, and it does feel pretty good. This has to be what it must feel like to be rich, and this is probably what people like Angelina Jolie must feel like for every single moment of their lives.

You’re bullet proof

It now dawns on you that you have some money so that you can pretty much do anything! You can just pop into your favourite Thai restaurant for dinner and order anything on the menu. Or even better, you could even take a career break and fly off to Thailand tomorrow and eat real authentic delicious Thai food! The opportunities are endless.

Harsh disappointment

Reality is definitely a leveller! You take a closer look at how much you’ve actually been paid, and it dawns on you that you don’t really get paid that much at all when compared to how hard you toil away. You work out your tax deductions and then automatically start planning a new life in tax-free Bermuda!

Of course, all of the above is in jest! (Even though it may be close to the bone for some good people!) But you get the drift. Whatever you do on your pay day, make sure to do it in style! Enjoy!